Awards Application

Applying for Conservation Funds

How to apply for conservation funds from the SFOS.

The Conservation Committee of the San Francisco Orchid Society welcomes proposals from people actively involved in orchid conservation. We want to support efforts that:

  1. Protect orchids in the wild.
  2. Establish and maintain organizations that protect orchids and orchid habitat.
  3. Conduct studies related to orchid conservation.
  4. Educate the public about conservation in general, orchid conservation in particular, and encourage public participation in conservation.

Please send us:

1. A description of the project to be funded, addressing the following questions:

  • What are the goals of your project?
  • What methods will you use to achieve your goals? Please include a brief description of sampling techniques and approaches for data analysis, if appropriate.
  • How does your project relate to our objectives, as stated above?
  • How will the requested funds be used to fulfill your particular needs?
  • How will you evaluate the success of your project?
  • How will you publicize the results of your project?

2. A detailed budget, specifying a definite amount of money and specific use of the funds. Please do not just ask for a contribution toward some larger, overall budget.

We encourage requests for up to U.S. $1,500. Larger requests may be considered. There is no minimum request. Although we will consider applications related to multi-year projects, our funding is uncertain from year to year and we cannot make commitments for more than one year. We will consider requests from previous awardees, as well as people and organizations whose previous requests for funding have been declined. We also would appreciate a brief description of how you learned about this funding opportunity.

Deadline For Submissions

The deadline for submissions is October 1. We hope to notify applicants by December 1. Send inquiries and applications by regular mail or e-mail to:

Conservation Committee
San Francisco Orchid Society