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2013 Orchids in the Park

People's Choice Award at Orchids in the Park 2013 

At the Orchids in the Park this year we had a "People's Choice" award for the orchid that received the most votes from our attendees. 

To be eligible, the plant had to be entered and a number placed on the plant. Attendees to the show received one ticket each, and were instructed to select the orchid that they liked best.

I am pleased to announce that the winner was new member Karen Olson, for her plant Bulbophyllum Elisabeth Anne 'Buckleberry'. Karen will receive a check for $100.
photo by Alfred Kwok

The runner up award, a handmade ceramic pot from Stonypoint Ceramic Designs (Marni Turkel) goes to Angelic Nguyen, for Lc. Blue Lagoon.

Congratulations to both of you for your beautiful plants. It was a tight race for the runner up award, with lots of other orchids coming quite close in the voting. 

Thank you to everyone who participated in this event. 

Mary Gerritsen
President, SFOS 


Thanks to all volunteers and attendees for a successful "2013 Orchids In The Park" event.

--Images by Jeff Harris

2013 Orchids In The Park



--Images by Jeff Harris

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Orchids in the Park; Surviving the Test of Time Source: American Orchid Society (AOS.org)

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