The San Francisco Orchid Society (SFOS) is an Internal Revenue Service recognized Section 501 (c) (3) charitable corporation. It is organized to disseminate knowledge, information and instruction concerning the culture of orchids, their hybridization, display, arrangement, and exhibition; as well as related subjects by oral exchange, in writing, by publication, by exhibition, advertisements and any other medium or method.

The SFOS is also organized to promote the exchange of information and research regarding all aspects of orchid culture, not only for the education and benefit of the members of the corporation, but for all members of the public who are interested in orchids, incidentally promoting the conservation of various endangered orchid species and the preservation of orchid habitat.

The SFOS schedules an annual exposition that serves as its major fund-raiser and educational outreach program. In addition, smaller educational opportunities for the community such as an orchid fair with educational talks and sales scheduled at various times during the year. Lectures and skill sessions on the species and their care and culture take place on a monthly basis at the regularly scheduled meeting of the Society.

Activities that the San Francisco Orchid Society schedules for its members only include excursions to orchid-related facilities like commercial or private greenhouses.

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